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A Personal Nursing History

Teha at the English Nursing School of Qatar, 1979

I am Teha AlMohannadi. I am in my third year of studies at the University of Calgary - Qatar. I have been a nurse since 1983.

Hamad General Hospital Nursing Student ID

It has been my passion to become a nurse since I was 17 years old when I accompanied a relative who was sick that time to the hospital. I saw the way nurses took care of the patients. They were hardworking, patient and understanding of the person they were taking care of, even though that person was a stranger to them. This made me realize the dignified profession of nursing and I made the decision to become a nurse.

Teha in Dublin, Ireland at the St. Patrick's Day Parade 1980

Prior to becoming a professional nurse, I studied basic nursing and English language in Ireland for a year during 1980 in preparation for studying in Qatar to be nurse. I lived with an Irish family in Dublin and had to learn English while emersed in a new culture. It was hard, but I was happy to learn, and it was a major step for me. My English speaking and writing skills jumped from a 1 to a 10! After that, I went back to my school, the Nursing School of Qatar where I studied for three years.

Nursing School of Qatar graduation photo, 1983

In October of 1983 after graduation, I proceeded to Hamad General Hospital to train as a nurse. We were exposed to different areas such as ER, Medical- Surgical, Ob-Gynecology, and all the critical areas in Emergency. After training, I worked as a Staff Nurse Level 1 in Medical-Surgical nursing from 1984-1986.

Teha in Jordan

What drew my interest most was Renal Nursing, therefore I became a Dialysis Nurse during February of 1986. I went to Jordan University for a post graduate study in Renal Nursing. Thereafter, I concentrated in the Dialysis Unit in Hamad General Hospital as a Staff Nurse Level 3 from October 1987-1992.

Teha in the Dialysis Ward at Hamad General Hospital, 1992

I was promoted to Staff Nurse Level 4 in December of 1992. I attended the Higher Institute of Nursing to gain another advanced Diploma in Nursing from 2000- 2003. I rejoined Hamad Medical Corporation in January 2004 and worked as a Head Nurse until I had the opportunity to do further studies at the University of Calgary - Qatar. I started working towards my Bachelor of Nursing degree in 2008.

Nursing is a profession that is always advancing, and throughout my career I have enjoyed learning from new experiences and improving my skills. Nursing has changed a lot since my early training, nurses are more important in the hospitals and have more specific roles and responsibilities. We use more technology and have a more rigorous process for caring for patients and gathering evidence to help improve patient outcomes.

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