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Scholarships and Awards

The University of Calgary in Qatar (UCQ) through generous support by the State of Qatar, endeavors to educate nurses to the highest standards, promoting scholarly inquiry and research in the quest for superior health education. We are dedicated to the success of our students and in doing so wish to recognize, encourage and celebrate academic achievement.

UCQ awards are categorized into two types of awards: competitive and nominated. The competitive awards require the submission of an application while the nominated awards do not require the submission of an application as students will be nominated by the faculty. Awards are divided for two types of students, those who are entering the university as new students and those awards for continuing students.

The amount of funds for awards is determined annually based on budget approval. In the event an award is not given (no eligible student), these funds will then be re-routed to UCQ bursaries as deemed appropriate by the UCQ Undergraduate Program Committee. The payment of an award value is applied to any outstanding tuition/fees and with any balance remaining at the end of the academic year paid out either by cheque or direct bank account deposit.

UCQ offers four different types of financial support for students. There is a maximum amount of funding available to any individual student within one calendar year. Meeting the eligibility requirements does not guarantee receiving an award. Preference may be given to full-time students in university level courses.


Bursary: A monetary award given to a student based on academic merit and financial need.

Name Number Available Value Application? GPA Required Other Considerations
Entrance Bursary Varies Varies YES HS - 65%
University - 2.0
Financial Need
Bursary Varies Varies YES 2.6 Financial Need


Scholarship: A monetary award given to a student selected primarily on the basis of academic standing.

Name Number Available Value Application? GPA Required Other Considerations
Scholarship Varies Varies NO 3.2 Not Applicable


Award: An award based on academic merit. Other criteria, such as extracurricular activities, leadership involvement, financial need and contribution to the community or campus life, will be considered if they are included among conditions for receiving the award. Students must complete an application to be considered for a competitive award.

Name Number Available Value Application? GPA Required Other Considerations
Outstanding Achievement Award 1 8,000 QR YES 3.0 Extra-curricular involvement and personal essay
International Exchange Award 2 20,000 QR YES 3.0 See application

Nominated Awards

Nominated Award: An award based solely on academic merit and normally associated with a specific faculty. The faculty makes selection automatically; students do not complete an application.

Name Number Available Value Application? GPA Required Other Considerations
Leadership Award 2 8,000 QR NO 3.0 Proven leadership in extra-curricular activities
Excellence in Clinical Practice Award 1 4,000 QR NO 3.0 Demonstration of excellence in clinical placements

University of Calgary Awards

The University of Calgary offers several scholarships and bursaries to students enrolled in all undergraduate degree programs at the U of C. To review eligibility and submit applications for these awards visit,

The awards offered through UCQ are independent of these awards, therefore UCQ students are able to apply for both.

External Awards

Supreme Education Council
The HEI’s scholarship office is responsible for administering scholarship programs which enable students to be supported in under-graduate and post-graduate studies at the best higher education institutions in Qatar and around the world.

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