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Standardized Patient Program

The University of Calgary in Qatar Standardized Patient Program recruits, trains, and supervises a pool of experienced "Standardized Patients" (SPs), to assist faculty in the delivery of nursing curriculum.

What is a Standardized Patient (SP)?

A Standardized Patient (SP) is a person who portrays a patient. Standardized Patients role-play a health history for teaching and testing of clinical skills for nursing students. During a scenario with a learner, the SP responds to questions by the student and, in some cases, undergoes specific physical examinations. The word "standardized" means that the SP repeats his or her story in a consistent manner to numerous students.

How do you become a SP?

Becoming a Standardized Patient requires a good memory, excellent listening skills and concentration during student scenarios and student health assessment examinations. You must have the ability to understand and follow instructions in English and an ability to provide feedback in English. You must provide a Letter of No Objection from your Sponsor to work and you must be 18 years or older.

Prior acting experience or medical background is not required.

Send your name, contact telephone number in an email to

Working as an SP

The Standardized Patient position pays 80 QR/ hour for orientation training and for any actual work performed as a Standardized Patient. This is part time as needed; a flexible schedule is necessary in order to work as a standardized patient. Training to become a Standardized Patient will be provided.

No one will be trying out any treatments or medical procedures on you. You'll be helping faculty with
teaching and testing only. If the session involves a physical exam, you'll know about all the aspects in advance. No "personal" examinations will be completed. Standardized Patients review the cases before they are assigned and are never asked to participate in situations which may make them uncomfortable.

We use Standardized Patients to simulate situations for the students in:

  • Health Assessment
  • Family Health
  • Mental Health
  • Community Health

Faculty Information

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