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Student Voice - NSSQ

Want to be heard? You can express yourself and voice your opinion in any number of ways built to suit your style. From NSSQ membership, club executive, Dialogue with the Dean, to comments placed in our Suggestion Boxes, let your voice be heard.

Nursing Students Society - Qatar (NSSQ)

The mission and vision of NSSQ is to support nursing students in their academic journey, professional career, and to prepare future nursing leaders for active roles in their community. We will also provide support and advocacy in addressing student issues both socially and academically. Our focus is on promoting an environment of academic achievement and excellence among our peers.

Our aim is to serve students at the University of Calgary in Qatar through effective leadership. We seek to improve students' experiences through advocacy and representation, open dialogue, and encourage involvement and engagement. You can contact us at or stop by the office in G54b.

NSSQ Constitution - Draft

Executive Council

The President serves as the chairperson of NSSQ Council meetings, acts as the official liaison and spokesperson for the NSSQ with faculty, members of the press and community, fellow NSSQ members, the Undergraduate Nursing Society in Calgary, participate on campus committees, and orients new members of the NSSQ Executive Council.
Zeinab Ali
VP Academic
Assumes responsibilities of the President in his/her absence, organizes extra-curricular activities of an academic and educational nature such as volunteering opportunities. He/she will liaise with campus committees in such areas as research, leadership and mentorship opportunities for example.
Nicola D'Souza
VP Social
The Vice President Social organizes non-academic extra-curricular events, liaises with student clubs, Public Affairs and Student Services, along with promotion of membership. He/she would partake in event committees such as graduation, alumni and campus life to name a few.
Francis Arevalo
VP Finance
The Vice President Finance is responsible for any financial and budget matters within the NSSQ including but not limited to membership fees and activities and project accounts.
Yasmin Lucas
Executive Secretary
The Executive Secretary keeps a file of all minutes, correspondence, and press releases. He/she records minutes of all NSSQ Executive Council meetings or delegates tasks when absent and makes a copy of the meeting minutes available to all NSSQ Executive Council members. He/she also maintains membership mail list and NSSQ Blackboard files.
Lea Jabonete
Academic Programs Committee
Student Recruitment Committee

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