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Copyright in the classroom

At UCQ, we are following the rules assigned by main campus (the University of Calgary) library.

Below are general guidelines to follow, if you ever have questions about these details of other materials to use for teaching or studying, write the questions(s) to the Copyright office, and you will receive a response in at least 48 hours. Remember their weekend is on Saturday and Sunday.

In the classroom:

For instructors:
  • All projected: copies, images, or figures shown to UCQ students are permissible. The exception is when using a video. Check with a librarian.
  • During an exam/test: projected images, posted and scanned material, and handout photocopied material all are permitted.
  • D2L: posting a link is ideal. Make sure the link is a permalink, which is usable by anyone with the access to the library resources. Posting a portable document format (PDF) file, "it depends." Posting an image including figures or charts, it also depends. If you are unsure, check with a librarian.
  • Course packs: Check with the Learning Commons to begin organizing the details, as soon as possible.
For students and instructors:
  • Reserve books: copy only 10% (of the total) or one chapter, whichever is less.
  • When you copy, you are held responsible and liable, not the university.

Every semester, instructors are to:

  • Send your course material (not required or purchased textbooks, but supplementary material), like articles, images, charts, etc. in a format citing the resources to the Copyright office.
  • Include:
    1. your course number,
    2. the number of registered students, and
    3. an explanation on how you are using them, e.g. a handout, in D2L, or in a presentation.

By-the-way, the Copyright office:

  • is the only office on main campus specializing in this subject and will provide expert advice,
  • is subject to audits, and
  • is up-to-date on changes about resources and/or the university's usage agreements.

At least five people are working in the office, which means a quick turnaround for you!

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