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Clinical Practice Guidelines

Formal statement about defined tasks or functions in clinical practice, such as desirable diagnostic tests or the optimal treatment regimens for specific diagnoses; generally based on best available evidence.

CMA Infobase: Clinical Practice Guidelines
Current Practice Guidelines in Primary Care
Joanna Briggs Institute - Database of Best Practice of Information Sheets and Technical Reports and more!
MD Consult (link is to tab for Guidelines)
National Guidelines Clearinghouse
NICE Clinical Guidelines
Nursing Best Practice Guidelines (RNAO)
Nursing Reference Center (click on tab for Practice Resources then Practice Guidelines)
Toward Optimal Practice - Alberta Clinical Guidelines
Trip Database

Differential Diagnoses

Determination of which of two or more diseases with similar symptoms is the one from which the patient is suffering, by a systematic comparison and contrasting of the clinical findings.

Ferri's Clinical Advisor
First Consult - use the drop down menu to select Drug Monographs
PubMed (link is to Clinical Queries)


Impairment of the normal state of a living organism or one of its parts that interrupts or modifies the performance of the vital functions, that is typically manifested by distinguishing signs and symptoms, and that is a response to environmental factors, to specific infective agents, to inherent defects of the organism, or to combinations of these factors. Includes diagnoses and treatment recommendations.

Nursing Reference Center (click on tab for Diseases and Conditions)
5 Minute Clinical Consult
AccessMedicine (link is to Quick Answers)
CINAHL (click on More then Quick Lessons)
Diseases: a Nursing Process Approach
DynaMed Plus
Handbook of Diseases
MD Consult
Nurse's 5-Minute Clinical Consult: Diseases
Nurse's Quick Check: Diseases
Nursing Consult
Nursing: Understanding Diseases
Professional Guide to Diseases

Mobile Devices / SmartPhones

Resources for use on Mobiles, SmartPhones, PDA's (personal digital assistants) and other handheld devices, such as Android devices, Blackberry, iPhone/iPodTouch/iPad and other devices.

Mobile Access to Electronic Resources

  • apps are available for downloading for some electronic resources
    • a few apps require WiFi access, but most do not
  • some products are optimized for mobile browsers and will require WiFi access
  • other UCQ nursing resources can be viewed over WiFi (with varying degrees of success) using the mobile's web browser.
  • when downloading an app or accessing via WiFi you may be asked to authenticate or to send an e-mail with a UofC e-mail address
  • the SmartPhones distributed for UCQ clinical courses use the Android operating system and have been loaded with a number of Skyscape products

How to Access UCQ WiFi with your SmartPhone

Ask at the Learning Commons desk and they can connect your SmartPhone to the UCQ WiFi system

Skyscape Products

  • wide range of health science related products designed specifically for mobile devices
  • available for sale at a discount to students and faculty of UCQ
  • following Skyscape products are loaded on the UCQ SmartPhones for clinical students

    Archimedes 360 | Breastfeeding Answer Book | Davis' Drug Guide for Nurses | Davis' Comprehensive Handbook of Laboratory & Diagnostic Tests | Diseases & Disorders | Emergency Medicine Manual | International Classification of Diseases | Immunizations | Life Support 360 | MedAlert | NP Children | Nursing Constellation Plus | OB Peds Women's Health Notes | Outlines in Clinical Medicine | Pocket Primary Care | PsychNotes | RNotes | RxDrugs | Taber's Dictionary

Skyscape Tutorials

EBSCOhost Databases

  • CINAHL, Nursing Reference Center, Medline, and many other databases
  • optimized for searching with a mobile web browser
  • apps are available for Android devices and for iPhone/iPod/iPad devices
    • log into any EBSCOhost database (e.g. CINAHL) and at the bottom of the page click on New: EBSCOhost iPhone and Android Applications
    • enter your e-mail address to send yourself the instructions, a key and a link to download the app
    • you will receive an e-mail telling you
      1. to download the app from the iTunes Store or Android Market
      2. to then view the email message on your mobile device and
      3. to then click on the authentication key that is provided (Note: the activation link will expire in 24 hours)

Nursing Reference Center

  • there is a special app for Nursing Reference Center on iPhone/iPod/iPad
  • follow above procedure but start from Nursing Reference Center database

ebrary Electronic Books

complete e-books or portions of e-books can be downloaded to many mobile devices

there are apps for Android and for iPhone/iPod/iPad

Library Catalogue

BookMyne app is available for finding print books at UCQ and for finding and connecting to electronic books

Patient Education Materials

Resources written to be understood by the general public so that they can be given to patients to enable them to understand what is happening and to be able to follow necessary instructions.

Information Organized by Topics

Nursing Reference Center (click on tab for Patient Education)
A - Z of Medicinal Drugs
AAFP Conditions A to Z
AccessMedicine (link is to Patient Education)
Detailed Drug Information for the Consumer
e-Therapeutics+ (link is to Information for Patients)
Lexi-Comp Online (link is to tab for Patient Education)
MD Consult (link is to tab for Patient Education)
Nursing Consult (link is to tab for Patient Education)

What Nurses Know: Menopause

Information in Languages Other than English

Health Information in Multiple Languages (materials in 47 languages, including Arabic)
Resources by Language (materials in 63 languages, including Arabic)

Databases of Journal Articles Appropriate for Patients

Health and Wellness Resource Center
Health Source: Consumer Edition

Point of Care Resources

Summarized resources designed for quick access to be used when treating the patient at the 'point of care' -- any location where patient care is provided, including the bedside, radiology suite, emergency room, clinic, or ambulance.

DynaMed Plus
First Consult
Nursing Consult
Nursing Reference Center

Skills and Procedures

Skill: Specific ability or complex of abilities required to carry out a particular task.

Procedure: A series of steps by which a desired result is accomplished.

Nursing Reference Center (click on tab for Skills and Procedures)
First Consult (link is to tab for Procedures)
Fundamental and Advanced Nursing Skills
Fundamental Aspects of Adult Nursing Procedures
Handbook of Clinical Skills
LPN Expert Guides: Advanced Skills
Nurse's 5-Minute Clinical Consult: Treatments
Nurses' Guide to Clinical Procedures
Nursing Procedures


Jarvis' Physical Examination and Health Assessment (Note: Will not work when off the UCQ campus.)
Mosby's Nursing Videos: Basics, Intermediate, or Advanced.

Complementary & Alternative Treatment

Complementary and alternative medicine is the term for medical products and practices that are not part of standard care. Alternative medicine means treatments that you use instead of standard ones. Complementary medicine means nonstandard treatments that you use along with standard ones.

Gale Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine
International Dictionary of Homeopathy
Mosby's Dictionary of Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Mosby's Handbook of Herbs & Natural Supplements
Natural & Alternative Treatments
Natural Medicines
Nursing Herbal Medicine Handbook
Professional's Handbook of Complementary & Alternative Medicines
Review of Natural Products
Winston & Kuhn's Herbal Therapy and Supplements: A Scientific and Traditional Approach

MIddle East Nursing Resources

Nursing Code of Conduct

Code of Professional Conduct for Nursing - from the Executive Board of the Health Ministers' Council for G.C.C. States, May 2001.

Nursing Societies

Bahrain Nursing Society
Emirates Nursing Association
Iranian Nursing Organization (in Farsi)
Jordan Nurses and Midwives Council (in Arabic)
Kuwait Nursing Association (in Arabic)
Order of Nurses in Lebanon (in Arabic)
Saudi Nursing Society
International Council of Nurses

Nursing Schools (Degree Granting)

University of Calgary - Qatar, Faculty of Nursing

Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland - Bahrain, School of Nursing

College of Nursing

Sultan Qaboos University, College of Nursing
University of Nizwa, School of Nursing

Saudi Arabia
Dar Al-Hekma College, Nursing Program
Jazan University, Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences, Nursing Deptartment
King Abdulaziz University, Nursing Department
King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences, College of Nursing
Saad College of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences

United Arab Emirates
Fatima College of Health Sciences
RAK Medical and Health Sciences University, College of Nursing
University of Sharjah, Department of Nursing


Qatar Statistics Authority
Ministry of Health, Sultanate of Oman
Statistics, Bahrain Ministry of Health
Statistics, Ministry of Health, United Arab Emirates - choose the category of STATISTICS
Statistics and Indicators, Ministry of Health, Saudi Arabia
World Health Organization Statistical Information System

Comparative Health Statistics from
Bahrain | Kuwait | Oman | Qatar | Saudi Arabia | United Arab Emirates
Other Countries (select name under flag at bottom, then select Health)

Qatar Medical Sites

Hamad Medical Corporation
National Health Strategy - Qatar
Sidra Medical and Research Center

Other Resources

Encyclopedia of Women and Islamic Cultures
Index Islamicus
Islamic Medical and Scientific Ethics
Public Health in the Middle East and North Africa: Meeting the Challenges of the Twenty-first Century

Journal Articles and Theses/Dissertations

C. Foisy-Doll. (In press, 2011). Developing Cultural Competency in Life and Simulation: A Year in Qatar as an Exemplar. Clinical Simulation in Nursing. (article by former UCQ faculty member)

Article searches restricted to Qatar
search CINAHL | Medline

Article searches restricted to Other G.C.C. Countries
search CINAHL | Medline

Article searches restricted to Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria
search CINAHL | Medline

Nursing Careers

Résumé Writing for Nurses

To start your resume, begin by determining your objectives (do this prior to writing the resume). Clearly state what sort of a job you want and know what skill-set and experience is needed to do well in that job. After your objectives are determined, prioritize the content of your resume to suit those objectives. You have a small window of time to get the interest of a hiring manager so brevity and focus is essential. A lengthy resume does not translate to higher qualification.( (2010). Resume Writing Tips.)


The Complete Guide to Resume Writing for Nursing Students and Alumni. M.M. Somers, 2002.
How to Write a Resume. E.R. Anderson, 2010.
Nurse Career Tips. Nurse Career, 2017.

Nursing Resume Examples - 49 examples for different types of nurses
University of Delaware - 3 example resumes for nurses
Emily Springfield c/o University of Michigan - 2 example resumes for nurses
Resume Resource - example - example for Medical Nurse - example for Registered Nurse
University of Delaware International vs. North America differences

Resume Types and Formats

Four Resume Types - chronological, functional, combination, targeted
Three Resume Types - chronological, functional, combination
Two Resume Formats - table and indented

Tool for Resume Building

Online Resume Builder

Cover Letter Writing for Nurses

When writing your resume cover letter keep in mind that the reviewer is only interested in one thing: the facts... It should be brief and to the point. The purpose of the cover letter (and resume) should be to demonstrate that you meet or exceed the requirements listed in the job description. It should convey that you’re interested in the position and that you're available to accept the position, if offered. ( (2010). Cover Letter Writing Tips.)


How to write your cover letter Johns Hopkins School of Nursing.
Guide to Writing Cover Letters. University of Ohio State; College of Nursing.
Preparing the Nursing Job Application., 2010.

Nursing Cover Letter Examples - 5 examples
Example of a Thank you/Follow-up Letter - after the interview. University of Delaware.

Tool for Building Cover Letters

Cover Letter Builder

Nursing History

Florence Nightingale's Influence on Nursing (1956. Bull NY Acad Med 32(7): 540-546)
Nursing Uniforms of the Past and Present
Notes on Nursing - What it is, and what it is not (by Florence Nightingale, 1860)


AccessMedicine (link is to tab for Images)
CINAHL (click on More then Images)
MD Consult (link is to tab for Images)
Medical Images on the Internet
Nursing Consult (link is to tab for Images)

Nursing Videos

Streaming Videos Available over the Internet from the Learning Commons

  • available to anyone for use on campus
  • available to UCQ community for off-campus use after first authenticating
  • Note: some delivery may be broken up or intermittently choppy, depending on internet conditions

AccessMedicine (link is to tab for Multimedia)
many videos and audios on specific medical topics including Core Concepts in Patient Safety

  • Hand washing
  • Understanding error: System complexity – Human factors – Epidemiology of error
  • Communication concepts: Communications in teams – Voice and power – Effective communication strategies – Handoffs
3D model of human anatomy online and interactive functional anatomy

Head-to-toe assessment: adult – Head-to-toe assessment: infant – Head-to-toe assessment: child – Abdomen – Breasts and axillae – Male genitalia, hernias, rectum and prostate – Cardiovascular system – Peripheral vascular system – Female genitalia, anus and rectum – Head, eyes and ears – Musculoskeletal system – Nervous system: sensory system and reflexes – Nervous system: cranial nerves and motor system – Nose, mouth and neck – Thorax and lungs – General survey and vital signs – Examination of the skin – Approach to the patient – Assessment of the older adult

Films on Demand
large collection of films in all subject areas
1440 titles under heading Health and Medicine

Mosby's Nursing Video Skills
Basic: Basic infection control – Bathing – Bedmaking – Safe patient handling – Elimination assistance – Nutrition and fluids – Personal hygiene and grooming – Vital signs – Restraints and alternatives
Intermediate: Wound and pressure ulcer care – Enteral nutrition – Infection control – Ostomy care – Respiratory care and suctioning – Preoperative nursing care – Postoperative nursing care – Specimen collection – Urinary catheter management
Advanced: Safe medication administration – Nonparenteral medication administration – Intravenous fluid therapy administration – Management of intravenous fluid therapy – Intravenous medication administration – Parenteral nutrition – Injections – Vascular access

Additional Streaming Videos

Available only while on campus

Jarvis' Physical Examination and Health Assessment
Neurologic system: motor system and reflexes – Neurologic system: cranial nerves and sensory system – Head, eyes, and ears – Nose, mouth, throat, and neck – Breasts and regional lymphatics – Thorax and lungs – Cardiovascular system: heart and neck vessels – Cardiovascular system: peripheral vascular system and lymphatics – Abdomen – Musculoskeletal system – Male genitalia, anus, rectum, and prostate – Female genitalia, anus, and rectum – Head-to-toe examination of the normal adult – Head-to-toe examination of the pregnant woman – Head-to-toe examination of the neonate – Head-to-toe examination of the normal child – Head-to-toe examination of the older adult – Bedside assessment of the hospitalized adult

Available through the Clinical Simulation Centre

available to faculty on Sharepoint -> Clinical Simulation Centre -> Links, click on CSC Videos
Anaphylaxis Expert - Intravenous Initiation Video - Landmarking and Administration of Injections - Nursing as a Relational Practice - Simple Sterile Dressing - What Happens in a Professional Relationship (part 2)

Nursing Simulation

Simulation: An educational or technological model of an actual situation that is used to educate new students or to predict or estimate outcomes that may be obtainable in practice.

Societies, Associations and Networks

Association of Standardized Patient Educators [ASPE]
Australian Society for Simulation in Healthcare [ASSH]
Bay Area Simulation Collaborative [BASC]
Clinical Simulation Network Note: Join LinkedIn to become a member of the network.
Dutch Society for Simulation in Healthcare [DSSH]
International Nursing Association for Clinical Simulation and Learning [INASCL]
Laerdal Simulation Users Network [SUN]
New Zealand Association for Simulation in Healthcare
SIMone - Network of Excellence in Simulation for Clinical Teaching and Learning
Society for Simulation in Healthcare [SSH]
Society in Europe for Simulation Applied to Medicine [SESAM]

Simulation Centres

Center for Medical Simulation (Harvard University)
Centre of Excellence for Simulation Education and Innovation
Mayo Clinic Multidisciplinary Simulation Center
Simulation Innovation Resource Center [SIRC] (National League for Nursing)

Simulation Resource Portals

Behind the Sim Curtain

Simulation Preparation Programs

BryanLGH College of Health Sciences Graduate Certificate in Simulation Education
Center for Medical Simulation and Harvard Medical School Simulation Program
University of Miami International Academy for Clinical Simulation and Research

Psychomotor Skills Acquisition

Psychomotor Skills Acquisition of Novice Learners (Nurse Educator, 2011, 36(4):144-149.)

Electronic Journals

Clinical Simulation in Nursing
Internet Journal of Medical Simulation
Simulation in Healthcare: The Journal of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare

Electronic Books

Coaching Standardized Patients: For Use in the Assessment of Clinical Competence
Piloting a Simulation-Based Learning Package for Nurses as a Means to Improving Pre-Code Management of Hospitalized Patients

Print Books at UCQ

Clinical Simulations for Nursing Education: Learner Volume (RT55 .G382 2012)
Developing Successful Health Care Education Simulation Centers: The Consortium Model (RT73.5 .J44 2012)
High-fidelity Patient Simulation in Nursing Education (RT73.5 .N44 2010)
Human Simulation for Nursing and Health Professions (RT71 .H76 2012)
Manual of Simulation in Healthcare (R837 .S55 M36 2008)
Simulation Scenarios for Nurse Educators: Making it Real (RT73 .C27 2009)
Simulation in Nursing Education: from Conceptualization to Evaluation (RT73 .S523 2007)
Teaching Technologies in Nursing and the Health Professions: Beyond Simulation and Online Courses (RT71 .B66 2010)


SIM Bibliography
Simulation in Nursing Education - Selected Bibliography

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