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It is an online program that can help you become a better writer.

Upload your assignment, and Turnitin will produce two reports:
  • Originality Report
  • Grade Mark (grammar) report (upon request)

How to log in to TURNITIN?

To login go to the Turnitin page *Make sure it is not the UK version!

How does UCQ use TURNITIN?

  • TURNITIN is a self-directed learning tool to improve your own parapharsing, summarizing, and referencing skills.
  • Instructors may ask you to submit an Originality Report with a written assignment.
    • Instructors have no access to your account.
    • Instructors cannot run your paper through TURNITIN.
  • Use of TURNITIN is confidential.

Only you and the Learning Commons staff have access to your work.

What is an Originality Report?

An Originality Report measures the similarity of your paper to other online sources.

TURNITIN compares your paper to:
  • Current and archived internet material
  • Periodicals, journals, and other online publications
  • TURNITIN paper repository (all previous submissions to TURNITIN including UCQ student submissions)
This report does not determine whether or not you have plagiarized.
  • it is your job to evaluate the report and determine if you need to change how you quoted, paraphrased, or summarized material from other sources.

Evaluating your Originality Report?

REMEMBER:Originality Reports are not 100% accurate.

TURNITIN highlights matches to online sources of 4+ words.
  • It will not highlight all cases of plagiarism or weak paraphrasing.
  • It will not highlight quotations.
  • It will highlight some false matches (words and phrases that would not be considered plagiarism).
Examples of false matches:
  • Common word groupings (…due to the fact that…)
  • Recasting assignment prompts (Nursing is important because…)
  • Technical language (insulin dependent diabetes mellitus)
  • Proper nouns (Sidra Medical and Research Center)

What is a Grade Mark Report?

A Grade Mark Report can give you more in-depth grammar feedback.
  • Remember, no computer program is perfect!
  • Most feedback is useful, but there will also be some misleading / incorrect feedback.
  • Visit either Ambi or Sumayya at the Service Desk for help
  • Grade Mark Reports are not automatically produced.
  • You must email Ambi or Sumayya, so they can release your Grade Mark Report

If you have any questions or problems accessing TURNITIN please come to the Learning Commons or contact us by email, Sumayya Ansar

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