Shafy Al-Marri

Shafy Al-Marri

Senior Occupational Health Nurse (OHN)

Qatar Chemical Company.


I chose occupational health for several reasons related to my interest; I am interested in many areas in nursing and I can’t find them all together except in occupational health. Emergencies, mental health, insurance management, medical leaves management, case management, health surveillances, health awareness and more, are all my interest which I can’t find it all together except in occupational health.


Occupational health is one of the most prominent and newly required professions, which makes me interested in gaining as much experience as possible. Occupational health is a very large specialty and is associated with many other disciplines, which requires expanding the circle of knowledge and concepts and their interrelationship with health. For example, as an occupational nurse, I am required to understand safety, industrial hygiene, environment, and more. As an OHN the most important role I play in my company is to be the bridge between the welfare of our employees and the interest of our company.


So far, I have achieved a lot in my work, which I am proud of. In the beginning, clinic appointments were conducted via email, which consumed time, effort and confirmation. I have created an electronic platform that confirms employees' appointments and preserves their rights at the time, which also contributes to facilitating the clinic's process with ease and organization. I also contributed to more scrutiny of medical procedures, especially medical privacy.


My advice is to work on a fundamental understanding, try to dig more and tie the strings. Do not take any step without fully understanding it. You may feel at some point that you are lost and unable to understand, and you think that it is better to work without understanding what you are doing, but remember that this may lead to you making mistakes. Take your time to look, listen, anticipate, and understand.