• Graduate Supervisors will be required to attend the supervisory workshop scheduled by the Graduate Program Coordinator. Once complete, the Graduate Program Coordinator will request permission for a 5-year supervisory privilege from the Faculty of Graduate Studies (FGS). This privilege is subject to renewal upon completion of the five years.





  • Part of graduate supervisory responsibility is continuity of supervision; if a supervisor is on leave, the program must ensure that the students affected are provided with continued supervision during the regular supervisor’s leave.  An interim supervisor may be appointed to ensure continuity. Supervisors going on leave will need to submit the proposed arrangements for graduate supervision during leave form


  • It is anticipated that MN graduates from the course-based program will be prepared for leadership and or advanced practice nursing roles. Students enrolled in the (practicum) stream will be required to complete a clinical practicum component. According to the University of Calgary in Qatar Academic calendar, practicum hours will be based on hours specific to the courses which coincide with the clinical practicum pathway. Assigned hours will include working in a health care organization alongside a practice partner in order to assist in building clinical competencies. Here is the guidelines for practice partners, faculty, and students: GUIDELINES FOR PRACTICE PARTNERS, FACULTY & STUDENTS