Bachelor of Nursing, Regular Track (BNRT)

Welcome to the Bachelor of Nursing, Regular Track program!

The BNRT program offers the same degree that is awarded to graduates of the Faculty of Nursing at the University of Calgary in Canada and is the gold standard of university degrees in nursing. A BN prepares you for work in patient care, community health, administration, research, health and wellness education and for university graduate-level studies.

Concept and competency-based curriculum

Concepts in the BNRT program are the categories of nursing principles and/or mental constructions critical to nursing knowledge and practice. The concepts are integrated horizontally across the four years of curriculum and vertically, as they align in the course map. Students learn and apply the concepts to healthcare exemplars across the wellness-health-illness continuum, the life span, and health practice settings that are relevant and embedded in the Qatar context. Competences are the standards of quality or indicators used to evaluate students’ knowledge, judgment, skills and attributes (attitudes, values, and beliefs) about those concepts along a progression of learning from a basic, to intermediary, to a proficiency level representative of what is expected of an entry-level graduate nurse. Overall, UCQ’s concept and competency-based curriculum provides an organizing framework for an innovative integrated curriculum that enhances students theoretical, conceptual, critical, and clinical thinking.