The Experiential Learning Center(ELC) is a state-of-the-art facility designed to enhance student learning through experiential learning.

The ELC is home to five hospital ward rooms where the students practice their skills and procedures prior to the actual care of patients in the clinical setting. The ELC contains a wide variety of equipment that is found in the clinical sites preparing our students for not only their clinical rotation but for future employment.

At the ELC we utilize three forms of simulation to augment learning followed by a reflective discussion (facilitated debriefing) on the simulated experience. The ELC is home to a family of high fidelity simulation mannequins that can mimic a variety of illnesses and procedures. In addition, the ELC has a Standardized Patient Program in which actors play the role of a patient to simulate a set of symptoms or problems. Further, student communication skills are especially enhanced through an encounter with a Standardized Patient in a simulated patient interview. The ELC also utilizes a combination of both the standardized patient and mannequin simulation to form a hybrid simulation.

The ELC is a nonthreatening environment where students are supported throughout the learning process to better link theory to practice and subsequently, prepare them to safely care for patients in the hospital and community settings.