Getting Ready to Register

  • Student Services will let you know when registration opens
  • You will be registered into your core nursing courses by Student Services
  • You will be sent a list of available option courses, check which option courses will work with your current schedule and which will fulfill program requirements. For instructions on checking your program requirements, see the Course Requirements guides:

BNRT (after September 2018)

BNRT (before September 2018) 



Watch for Class Restrictions:

Class Restrictions are reserved seats for students in a specific program. If you try to register into a course that has only reserved seats open, you will get an error message that the class is full, even if the Class Availability says there is room. In the Course Information, you can see if a course has reserved seats as well as when the restriction will end.


Initialize your Registration

When you register, you may need to initialize your registration before you can start adding classes. When you click “Search for classes,” My UofC will prompt you to confirm your contact information. Once you have confirmed your contact information, click on “Search for Classes” again.

The Address field will need to be filled in before you can confirm. You can enter Doha in the address line and Doha as the city. You will also need to select an “area” by clicking on the magnifying glass and selecting an area from the list (eg. Al Rayyan).


As a student you are responsible for:

  • Registering yourself into option courses that work with your schedule and fulfill program requirements: see “How to Register” guide for instructions on registering into your courses. You will be provided with course numbers for elective courses before registration opens
  • Ensuring your registration is complete and accurate: see “View Class Schedule” guide for instructions on checking your class schedule
  • Ensuring all of your fees are paid with the Finance Office, outstanding fees will prevent you from registering
  • Attending only sections of a course in which you are officially enrolled
  • Being aware of the following registration policies, rules, regulations and deadlines: see the Academic Calendar for more information about Registration Guidelines:

Note: Master of Nursing students will be registered into their classes by Enrolment Services. Check your Student Centre for Class Schedule


Changing Course Registration


Adding Classes

Dropping Classes

Prior to the Add/Drop Deadline



After the Add/Drop Deadline

Not Allowed

Dropped classes will be considered “withdrawals” and will show on the transcript




Drop and Withdrawal






No record of registration will appear

Course will appear with a “W” grade


No tuition fees

Full tuition fees


No limit

Limited to 10 courses with a “W” grade

Additional Notes


Normally students cannot withdraw to avoid a failing grade in a lab or clinical course


Students cannot withdraw from the same course more than once




Repeating a Course



University level courses can only be repeated once


Both grades (original and repeated) will appear on your transcript


Both grades (original and repeated) will be used in calculating your GPA




Course Load



Full-Time Students

Part-Time Students


9 credits

6 credits


9 credits

6 credits


6 credits

3 credits


Note: Taking extra courses represents a large amount of additional work and may have a negative impact on overall performance and cumulative GPA


Course Availability

Note: not every course is available every term. For information about when courses are offered, speak with a Student Services advisor.


Course Cancellation

Any scheduled course may be cancelled due to unexpected circumstances. UCQ will make every effort to inform students of any cancelled courses as quickly as possible.


Your Schedule

Check your individual course schedule in your Student Centre prior to the start of your courses as changes can occur.