Undergraduate Academic Standing

Minimum Grades Required:


Type of Course

Minimum Grade Required

What happens if you receive a grade below the requirement?

Lab Courses (L)


Course must be repeated before progressing (if F grade is received)

Clinical Courses (C)


Course must be repeated before progressing

Non-Lab/Non-Clinical Courses (N)


Course must be repeated before progressing

Support (S) and Elective (E) Courses


Support courses must be repeated

Elective courses may be repeated or another elective taken in its place

NURS 221/222



Foundations Courses


Course must be repeated before progressing. EAP students who have 2 unsuccessful course attempts will need to re-take the EAP Program language assessment.

Students may repeat a course previously failed or one in which a higher grade is sought. However, students will usually be permitted to repeat a particular course only once. Exceptions to this regulation may be made only in unusual circumstances and at the discretion of the Associate Dean (Academic).

Students who fail to attain satisfactory standing as defined above in either a clinical or a nursing course or a co-requisite nursing theory course may be required to repeat both courses. Students will also be required to meet with the Associate Dean to determine their progress through the program.

For more information about Academic Standing see the University of Calgary, Qatar Faculty Calendar: https://www.ucalgary.ca/pubs/calendar/current/ucq-3-4.html

Degree Progress and Satisfactory Academic Standing:

Academic Performance is assessed at the end of each fall, winter and spring term for BNRT students, and upon completion of 6, 10, and 15 courses for PDBN students.

The GPA of Nursing Foundations Courses will not be used for progression in the nursing programs

Satisfactory Academic Standing:

                       BNRT (year 1 and 2):                           Minimum GPA 2.00

                       BNRT (year 3 and 4):                           Minimum GPA 2.50

                       PDBN:                                                    Minimum GPA 2.50

Students will be advised in writing if they fail to maintain satisfactory academic standing

Dean’s List:

The Dean’s List is created annually at the end of the winter term to recognize outstanding academic achievement. To be included on the Dean’s List a student must achieve a grade point average of 3.60 or higher in at least nine credits in each of the previous fall and winter terms. This achievement is recorded on the student’s transcript.


Unsatisfactory Student Standing:

Academic Probation

A student will be placed on academic probation (for a maximum of one academic year) if:

  • The following GPA is received:

                      BNRT (year 1 and 2):                           1.70-1.99

                      BNRT (year 3 and 4):                           2.00-2.49

                      PDBN:                                                    2.00-2.49

  • If you are required to repeat any nursing course, regardless of GPA

Students on Probation

  • UCQ may refuse a student’s course registration if the student shows a lack of educational attainment
  • Students on Academic Probation may be permitted to proceed to higher level non-clinical nursing courses with the consent of the Associate Dean
  • Satisfactory standing will be reinstated if the required cumulative GPA over all courses taken since and including those on previous review is achieved OR student successfully repeats the nursing course

Students will be allowed academic probationary status only once during their program.

A student, whose performance in the clinical area, classroom, tests, or final exams is unsatisfactory may at any time, be required to withdraw from the program.


Required to Withdraw:

Students will be required to withdraw if:

The following GPA is received:

                       BNRT (year 1 and 2):                           Less than 1.70

                       BNRT (year 3 and 4):                           Less than 2.00

                       PDBN:                                                    Less than 2.00

  • A student on probation fails to achieve the required cumulative GPA over all courses taken since and including those on their previous review
  • A student on probation fails to obtain satisfactory standing in any subsequent nursing course, regardless of cumulative GPA
  • A student has over 30 units of withdrawals while in attendance at University of Calgary in Qatar

Students required to withdraw may not apply for re-admission for 12 months following their withdrawal. Written application must be made to the Dean.