Life in Qatar: The Necessities

Healthcare Facilities

The State of Qatar operates a competent and comprehensive healthcare system providing full and virtually free medical care to all Qataris and by extension, to all residents.

In addition to having access to state healthcare, UCQ provides extensive benefit plans which offer employees access to a number of private hospitals, doctors, and dentists practicing in Qatar.

Through the private system, residents of Qatar experience infrequent waiting times, quick test results, and excellent care.



Qatar is home to a broad range of primary and secondary schools catering to many international curriculums. The Qatar Canadian School (QCS) offers a caring and supportive environment, small class sizes and highly individualized teaching, and focuses on encouraging innovation and creative thought in students.

QCS features an enriching program from Kindergarten to Secondary School, using standards-based curriculum with clear learning objectives based on the Alberta Education program. The core subjects are Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education and the Arts, all of which are taught in English.

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Appropriate Dress & Behaviour

Although Qatar is a tolerant and open-mined society, it is important to be respectful of the local Islamic culture and its customs. Men, and particularly women, should dress in an appropriate manner in public.

Generally, women should wear clothing that covers their upper arms, midriff, chest, knees (when standing and sitting) and avoid revealing or tight-fitting clothing, short skirts or shorts in public. Men should not wear brief shorts or tank tops in public.

Swimsuits are perfectly acceptable around the pool or beach, but bring a cover-up to use when away from the pool or beach area.

Business-casual is the appropriate clothing style for the office and classroom, with more formal business dress recommended for public business functions and outside meetings. It should be noted that students expect their teachers to be professionally dressed.


Crime and Safety

Crime in Doha is minimal compared to most large cities in the world. The State of Qatar maintains a large number of police and plain-clothes Criminal Investigation Division (CID) units on the street.

While incidents of assault and street crime are rare, they do take place, and residents are advised to take standard precautions when traveling alone or at night.

Public consumption of alcohol and drunk driving are not tolerated and can result in deportation.