UCQ Student Feedback Form - THEORY 

UCQ Student Feedback Form- LABS & CLINICAL

Student Change of Registration Form  --  Add, drop, or withdraw from a course


Change of Registration Swap Classes for BNRT Students  --  Swap courses as a Regular Track Bachelor of Nursing student


Additional Course Request for PDBN Students  --  Request an extra course above the maximum allowed for the semester for Bachelor of Nursing Post Diploma students


Additional Course Request for BNRT Students  --  Request an extra course above the maximum allowed for the semester for Regular Track Bachelor of Nursing students


Letter Request Form  --  Request a customized letter, usually to confirm enrolment, from Student Services


Club Budget Proposal  -- Show proposed operating budget for the year - please submit form to Jana in Student Services


Deferral of Final Exam – Request to take a final exam at a later date. Please see form for list of acceptable reasons. Please note: students who have already written the final exam will not be eligible for an exam deferral


Reappraisal of Grade – To request a reappraisal of final grade, see Student Services for more information


Record Access Waiver Form – To give authorization for additional individuals to access our student records


Official Transcript Request Form – The main campus in Calgary processes official transcript requests. For a copy of your transcript (unofficial), you can print a copy from your Student Centre (see How-To Guides for instructions on Printing an Unofficial Transcript).


Degree Reprint Form – The University of Calgary provides one copy of the degree parchment. Main Campus will only provide a replacement under extraordinary circumstances (name change, loss, or damage) with proper documentation. The new degree will be marked “duplicate”. See degree reprint form for information and cost of degree reprint   


Media Consent Form – Approval for the use and reproduction of photographs, videos and audio recordings of our students for teaching purposes, in publications, promotional and marketing materials and website articles