What you need to know

1.  For hours of operation, please refer to the schedule posted at the door and window of the bookstore.

2.  The cost of books is added to your overall invoice for university fees.

3.  No bookstore items will be issued on behalf of another student or faculty.


Bookstore staff will not release any bookstore items without the following requirements:

For textbooks:


Other bookstore items (scrubs, lab coats, lab/clinical equipment):


Nursing Instructors: Textbooks, warm-up jackets etc.


Return/Exchange Policy:

1. Textbooks in new, unused condition may be returned within 14 days from the date of pick-up.

2. Books with markings, highlights, folds, or any writing inside cannot be returned or exchanged.

4. E-textbooks are not eligible for exchange or return.

5. Scrubs, lab coats, and lab/clinical equipment are not eligible for return.

How to place an order for textbooks

How to place an order for uniforms