About Us



Our vision is to build capacity!



Our purpose is to enhance teaching and learning at the University of Calgary in Qatar by building the capacity of instructors in all aspects of their teaching development, including:

  • teaching strategies
  • classroom dynamics
  • course and lesson design/alignment
  • portfolios
  • philosophies and dossiers
  • assessment and teaching evaluations
  • scholarship of teaching and learning



Our goal is to create a safe, welcoming, and comfortable place for faculty to chat and address their needs. We do that by:

  • promoting new innovations in teaching and learning
  • working closely with all departments to facilitate deep discussions to move processes forward
  • offering programs to support student engagement and student success
  • promoting new knowledge in nursing education
  • attending to the needs of faculty
  • supporting overall strategic goals of UCQ and playing an active role in key strategic areas.
  • supporting, promoting, and celebrating the scholarship of teaching and learning
  • ensuring all our programming takes in consideration the Qatari context and nursing focus. 
  • highlighting signature pedagogies in nursing education.