Pre-Award Support

For the Pre-Award Phase of Application, the Research Office provides the following support:

  • The UCQ Office of Research ensures that submissions comply with funding agency guidelines and institutional policies of UC and UCQ;
  • Provides assistance with the completion of the application forms;
  • Provides assistance with the planning and completion of the research budget;
  • Works individually with submitting faculty members to ensure all application efforts are well coordinated and deadlines can be met.
  • Vets proposals submitted on behalf of UCQ, and submits requests to the sponsor to make changes on the terms or budget of awards.

Post Award Support

After an award made to the project the Research Office provides the following support at the Post-Award phase:

  • Setting up the Account code and navigating Ethics process
  • File the necessary document for auditing and reporting period
  • Assist you with progress and final reports
  • Assist with end- of Project dissemination
  • Vet the report and submit it on behalf of UCQ
  • Do the change request through the QNRF online support system
  • Research Office coordinate with UCQ and UC Finance department to oversee the budget spending to ensure that its follows the guidelines of the sponsoring agency.
  • Assist in entering the information to ACCPAC system (Accounting software)
  • Assist in filling the Compliance Checklist