• An important and vital aspect of the research enterprise is a project's financial transactions. Research Office and Finance department manage all activities from project set up, revenue deposit, overhead distribution, monitoring of expenditures, and financial reporting to ensure compliance.
  • Document needed for a project set up:

All Research Assistant need to fill in the Confidentially Agreement for Research Assistants

Once your project code is activated in the financial system, it should be used for all expenses related to the grant.

Please fill in the appropriate form mentioned below and submit it to the Research Office for approval to proceed with your procurement. RO completes the compliance checklist and SAGE system (Accounting Software) for you.

Why do you need RO approval?

RO has access to the budget in the Qgrant and needs to make sure that each purchase charges in the correct category and if it is in accordance with the terms, conditions, and regulations provided by QNRF and/or policies and procedures of the university.

For QNRF grants, RO and finance Department oversees the budget spending to ensure:

  • That funds are expended and accounted for in accordance with the terms, conditions, and regulations provided by QNRF and/or policies and procedures of the university
  • Ensure the project is not overspent
  • It follows the project budget category submitted to the sponsor at the beginning of the award
  • For all QNRF grants, purchase requests are routed through the Research Office for final approval.
  • Financial Reports are obtained monthly from finance to review budget activities and make any necessary changes in the Qgrant.
  • Research Office provides the following support: 

Do you need the university credit card to pay for your expenses?

  • Provide the quotation to RO,
  • RO create requisition through SAGE, 
  • Upon approval of SGE requisition,
  • RO inform you to pick up the credit card from the finance department.

Do you need to claim your stipend or effort days?

  • UCQ employee (Canadian hire) fill in the One Time- Lump Sum Payment.xls and submit it to RO,
  • Undergraduate or graduate students fill in the Local Non-Employee payment form and submit it to RO,
  • Research Assistants can fill in the Research Timesheet if LPI requires
  • PIs from other institutions should submit the invoice to RO and fill in the (forms from finance), Invoice template, vendor verification template

Do you want to claim the expenses you paid out of your pocket?

Do you want to claim mileage?

Financial Reports:

  • For QNRF grants, RO coordinates with the finance department to obtain the Interim and final financial reports.
  • RO should enter the detailed expenditure in the final financial section of the project by the deadline set by QNRF.


Original receipts are required for any expense claim.


Progress report

  • LPI is required to provide progress reports to the funding agency as required. LPI should follow the deadlines set by the funding agency. For QNRF grants, RO should vet the progress reports, enter the interim expenditure, and submit the report in the Qgrant system.
  • LPI is required to complete the Annual Compliance certificate. The compliance certificate applies to current and future research grants and contracts for externally funded projects (i.e. in funds 50, 60 and 70). Please review FAQs


For QNRF sponsored grants LPI must ensure that all research Outcome resulting from a project includes the following statement:

This [publication, report, etc.] was made possible by grant # [ ] from the Qatar

National Research Fund (a member of Qatar Foundation). The findings achieved herein are solely the responsibility of the author[s].”