The University of Calgary in Qatar (UCQ) recently concluded its annual Student Satisfaction Survey for the 22/23 Academic Year, shedding light on the overall student experience at the institution. The primary purpose of this comprehensive survey is to gauge student satisfaction across various facets of their university journey, encompassing classroom experiences, program quality, campus services, and community engagement.

The survey revealed overwhelmingly positive feedback from UCQ's student body. Notably, an impressive 95% of respondents expressed satisfaction or very high satisfaction with the educational experience provided by UCQ, highlighting the institution's commitment to academic excellence. Moreover, an outstanding 97% of students reported being satisfied or very satisfied with the quality of the programs offered at UCQ, reinforcing the institution's dedication to delivering top-notch education.

In addition to academic aspects, the survey showcased that UCQ has excelled in creating a supportive and safe campus environment. A remarkable 99% of respondents stated that they feel safe while on UCQ's campus, reflecting the university's commitment to ensuring a secure learning atmosphere. A significant majority of students expressed their satisfaction with academic services, teaching quality, and clinical learning experiences, highlighting UCQ's comprehensive approach to fostering a well-rounded education.

Accompanying this success story is a visual representation of the survey results, which vividly illustrate the high levels of satisfaction reported by UCQ students across various aspects of their university experience, reinforcing the institution's commitment to providing a holistic and enriching educational journey.

Student Satisfaction Survey 2023 Results