Bachelor of Nursing (BN), Post Diploma Course List



Course Code             Title
Nursing 411             Nursing Scholarship
Nursing 441             Health Assessment
Nursing 531             Community Health Nursing Theory
Nursing 533             Community Health Nursing Clinical Practice
Nursing 537             Nursing Leadership and Management
Nursing 539             Research in Nursing
Nursing 543             Senior Practicum
Nursing 421             Nursing of Families
Statistics 205             Concepts of Statistics
Six Options             One (1) Senior Nursing Option
              Three (3) Senior Options
              Two (2) Junior Options
              Junior Options:  Option courses numbered 2xx (e.g. CPSC 203) 
              Senior Options:  Option courses numbered 3xx or higher (e.g. NURS 503)


Option: A course, acceptable within the academic program but chosen at the discretion of the student.


Course Numbering System: Junior courses - courses numbered from 100 - 299. Senior courses - courses numbered from 300 - 599. Courses numbered 600 and above are normally restricted to students completing graduate programs. If you have any questions about whether a course meets a requirement of your program, please drop in to meet with your academic advisor.


Important information for Sponsored Part-Time Post Diploma Bachelor of Nursing (PDBN) students:

Students are allowed to take two courses in the Fall and Winters and one course in the Spring semester. Exceptions must be approved in writing by both your sponsor and the Associate Dean (Academic).