The Nursing Foundation Program (NFP) is committed to supporting students who do not meet the English proficiency and/or do not meet the math/science requirements for direct admission into the Bachelor of Nursing program.

Activities in the department focus on instruction of students to upgrade their English and math/science proficiency by conducting the following:

•           Prepare students for the required knowledge to excel in UCQ’s nursing program.

•           Support students in their English and math/science courses throughout their nursing education at UCQ.

•           Research and engage in educational initiatives that will better prepare nursing students for academic rigor.

•           Equip students with essential academic skills to succeed in their program.

•           Support nursing faculty in course content/material development and instructional strategies for second language learners.


Overview of Nursing Foundations Program

The Nursing Foundations Program consists of two programs: EAP (English for Academic Purposes) Program and the Math & Science Program. These programs are for UCQ students who do not meet the admission requirements in these areas. Because both programs prepare students specifically for the Nursing program of studies, curriculum development is the result of ongoing dialogue and collaboration between all programs in order to scaffold syllabi with content and skills relevant to the courses in the degree program.


English for Academic Purposes (EAP):

The EAP program is for students whose level of English language proficiency is below the proficiency requirements for direct entry into the degree program. EAP is a university prep program providing language and academic skills for reading, writing and discourses needed by university students at UCQ.

There are three EAP Levels: Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3. Passing Tier 3 allows students to transition into the degree program. The students are required to take the Placement Test administered by the program to determine a student’s placement into our three EAP levels.

The minimum requirements for admission into the UCQ EAP Program are as follows: TOEFL internet Based Test (iBT) score of 40 (U of C: 70 iBT), IELT Sscore of 4.0, the equivalent in the UCQ Placement Test or another language proficiency test accepted by the University of Calgary admission requirements.


Mathematics & Science Program:

The Math & Science Program provides math, biology and chemistry courses: QMAT 101 and 102, QCHE 101 and 102, QBIO 101 and 102.


Upon successful completion of the Nursing Foundation Program, students will transition directly into the Bachelor of Nursing Program.