The University of Calgary in Qatar (UCQ) hosted a grand event in honor of its alumni at the InterContinental Doha Beach & SPA on Wednesday, September 21. The event included a dinner, series of speakers, and was attended by nearly 100 UCQ alumni members and 20 UCQ faculty members.

The memorable event offered UCQ alumni an opportunity to revitalize their connection with the University and with their fellow alumni while learning more about the career paths and professional experiences of one another in a relaxed setting.

“We are delighted to host our alumni at this dinner gathering, where we can discuss and reminisce about the times we spent together. Alumni are the cornerstone and legacy of an institution – and together we rely on our students, alumni, and faculty for the positive impact our university makes in the community,” Dr. Deborah White, Dean and Professor of the University of Calgary in Qatar, said.

Dr. Deborah stressed that the bonds and associations formed at the university last for a lifetime and it is important to foster and maintain them by reconnecting through such events.

“Many of our alumni have become successful clinical, administrative, and nurse leaders in the community. Their success stories are a matter of pride for us, and events such as our annual alumni dinners help us celebrate their achievements while also reconnecting with them to share ideas for the progress of our current students,” Dr. Deborah White added.

During the event, Hassan Kandar, Director of Student and Enrolment Services, highlighted the UCQ Alumni Association and the importance of remaining connected with the University of Calgary campus in Calgary, Canada. A video message from Kate Wong, Vice-President of the UCalgary Alumni Association, was played for the the audience wherein she applauded UCQ alumni for their commitment and positive impact in the community. “You are part of our global family of over 200,000 alumni,” said Kate. “The Alumni Association board works closely with the University of Calgary to create meaningful opportunities for every graduate to connect with us, even from a distance,” Kate added.

Alumni also received words of encouragement from their fellow alumni guest speakers and received gifts from UCQ as a humble thank you for their continued commitment to care. “We feel a sense of pride as we look at our exceptional alumni. They are making a real difference in the lives of many people in the community through their professions every day. Their achievements, as well as their struggles and challenges, are important stories because these are the relevant experiences that continue to inspire our faculty and students,” said Hassan Kandar, Director of Student Services.

Since its inception in 2007, the University of Calgary in Qatar has been committed to advancing nursing as a profession. UCQ stands at the forefront of health promotion and disease prevention in Qatar and remains focused on enhancing the practice of nursing through academic excellence, while increasing the number of nurses to meet the complex health needs of Qatar.