Dr. Sadia Munir, PhD

Assistant Professor

Dr. Sadia Munir received her PhD in cell and molecular biology from York University, Toronto, Canada in 2008. She also holds a Master degree in Biological Sciences and Master of Philosophy in human developmental biology. Her main focus of research is fetal and maternal health. Her previous research focuses on population based studies on female infertility. She has worked in Sunnybrook hospital and Women College, Toronto, Canada during her PhD studies and carried out many functional studies to understand the role of transforming growth factor beta in human placenta. She has completed a UREP project in 2018 to compare the incidence, demographics and clinical findings of early onset and late onset preeclampsia in Qatar. She has collaborated with HMC, Women’s Hospital to carry out this research. She has been teaching Statistics and human anatomy & physiology at UCQ since 2013. She has supervised and mentored many MN students for their successful completion of the degree. She has participated and collaborated in many quantitative research projects.

Results of her findings were published and presented in many national and international conferences. Her expertise in the area of maternal health, teaching and previous research experiences are valuable for academic and professional growth of UCQ students and community partners.