Return to Campus

Below stated are our plans and schedule for the safe return of students and employees to campus. The Senior Leadership Team and our Health and Safety Offices have been working throughout the summer to make it a smooth process.

We would like to remind you of our COVID-19 protocols for being on campus. 


Before coming on campus:


  • Please check your emails from your faculty or UCQ for any updates.
  • Do not come to campus if you are sick or have flu-like symptoms or have any restrictions from the MOPH. Stay at home, call the Hotline 16000, and seek medical attention if you develop any symptoms similar to COVID-19.
  • For access on campus you are required to have a class, exam, or an appointment.
  • Please arrive maximum half an hour before your class or exam as you will not be allowed inside the buildings 30 minutes before the start.
  • Please inform your faculty and email and
    • if you are not feeling well or have COVID-19 symptoms
    • if you have any restrictions or directions from the MOPH Qatar
    • if you are identified as a close contact with COVID positive patient or require self-isolations or quarantine.




While on campus property you must:


  • Everyone on campus follow all steps to protect themselves and others at all times, including proper use of face masks, social distancing, and hand hygiene.
  • EHTERAZ App will be checked at the main gate, only those with GREEN symbols will be allowed entrance.
  • Must wear a face mask while entering the campus and all the time while you are inside the UCQ properties including during your Classes, Labs/Practicums, meetings, or exams.
  • Your mask must cover your mouth and nose, including while using your phone.
  • Maintain 2 meters distance from others at all times, this includes:
    • while entering and exiting buildings,
    • inside the classrooms, labs and clinical spaces
    • common areas, hallways, bathrooms and prayer rooms
    • meeting rooms, exam rooms, etc.  
  • Please proceed to the building directly from the parking area and vice versa. Do not congregate outside.
  • All seating will be placed at 2m distance, do not move your seat or relocate from their positions
  • Gatherings in the hallways are not allowed.
  • Maintain masks and physical distancing even when sitting outside.
  • Make your way directly to your destination on campus. Do not wander or loiter.
  • Do not go to individual instructor/staff offices unless you have an appointment.
  • If you feel sick while you are on campus please report to your instructor or campus security immediately at 4406-5269.
  • Avoid greeting other people with handshakes or hug.
  • If you are on campus, please bring your own prayer mats with you.  
  • Wash your hands with soap and water and use hand sanitizers placed in all common spaces on campus.
  • Follow the signage and occupancy limits posted on rooms and other spaces.
  • Do not share objects (e.g. lab, art, equipment, supplies, food), if an object is required to be shared, for example in a lab, that should be disinfected before and after each use.




Failure to follow COVID-19 protocols:


  • Failure to follow the protocols will be investigated as Non-Academic Student Misconduct, and could have severe outcomes for students who are found in violation of the protocols, up to and including suspension from the university.




COVID-19 related questions or queries:


ANY AND ALL communications, requests, inquiries or reports related to COVID-19 MUST be directed to





Follow protocols sent from your faculty and Student Services




What guides our decisions for re-integration of students, staff and faculty back to campus?

  • Guidelines and directives provided by Ministry of Public Health, Ministry of Education and Higher Education, Ministry of Interior and Ministry Of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs.
  • Recommendations from World Health Organization and Centres for Disease Control (best practices).
  • Suggestions from sister organizations in Qatar.
  • Recommendations from University of Calgary.
  • Direction from UCQ Senior Leadership Team and Health and Safety Specialist.

 Who to connect with if you have a question:

  1. I have a concern with my schedule or registering for my classes -
  2. I need to borrow a book or some resources -
  3. I need to pay my fees -
  4. I want to speak with the student counsellor - 
  5. I need help with D2L -
  6. I need help with my student login or password -
  7. I need writing help -
  8. I need to connect with a librarian -
  9. General inquiries -

Dear UCQ faculty and staff,

It is imperative that we all remain vigilant and adhere to the protocols.

The University is incorporating guidance from MOPH, MOEHE, and other post-secondary institutions in Qatar, and UC main campus to ensure our policies and procedures align with the best evidence.

Key Points:


  1. Everyone on campus must follow the guidelines from MOPH. Essential safety protocols include: wearing masks, Ehteraz, checking temperature, and social distancing
  2. Guidelines following a positive test or close contact with a COVID-positive person:
  • Scenario: a student or staff member tests positive.
  • Outcome:
  1. Complete the COVID-19 information form and submit to your supervisor and email Tahir Farooqui at 
  2. Follow MOPH guidelines and not return to campus until cleared by the MOPH.
  • Scenario: a close contact (student or staff) of a COVID-positive person tests negative
  • Outcome: Follow MOPH instructions


  • Scenario: Staff member is unsure about anything COVID-related
  • Outcome: Call the hotline (16000) to ask any questions.


  1. Effective contact tracing and recording requires that Tahir is informed of any COVID-related situations, tests and positive cases. Please report the date, time, and location of a COVID-related incident or possible exposure on campus. Please complete the attached form for any COVID-related incidents.   


  1. Protection of privacy is paramount. Information sharing must be restricted to Tahir, Mohamoud and your direct supervisor.  We are all accountable for confidentiality. 


Please note that following any suspected COVID-related incident on campus, Facilities Management must be notified immediately and their team will be deployed to disinfect the areas in question.




What guides our decisions for re-integration of students and faculty back to campus?

  • Guidelines and directives provided by MOPH, MOEHE, MOI, and MADLSA.
  • Recommendations from WHO and CDC (best practices).
  • Suggestions from sister organizations in Qatar (CNAQ, QU, QF).
  • Recommendations from main campus.
  • Direction from SLT and Health and Safety Specialist.

What are additional considerations for our context?

  • Ensure safety and well-being of vulnerable groups (as identified by the MOPH) such as elderly, pregnant women and those with chronic health conditions.
    • Directors need to identify these staff and students and make accommodations.
  • A flexible approach that allows for limiting contact.
  • Focus on regular communication to our UCQ community.
  • A focus on supporting the mental health of our students and staff.


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